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As a white people i am here to tell you we hate us too

Night runs….we work!

Night runs….we work!

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#SwagSauceWednesday #DrippingSwagu #piccollage

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“Honestly, it wasn’t all Kevin’s fault. I won’t say it was all his fault. Cause I look back now and I take ownership of some of the things I could’ve did differently. But, I did question my beauty. I did question like, wow, why is it that all black men, when they reach a certain level, they have to feel like they need someone of another race, or a different skin tone on their arm? And I’m just like, well why aren’t we looked at as beautiful? We’re beautiful black queens! You know what I mean? And I love my black men.

You know and I support them 100% And I don’t feel like, once I make it, I gotta go to the other side! You know? And not saying, cause I’ve dated outside my race, I have, but I just don’t feel, like I need it on my arm to feel better about myself. And I just feel like, sometimes our men do.”



but i’m trying to think of a black man celebrity who hasnt done this … i mean there are a few scattered but the majority of them go for other races and then talk shit about black women afterwards.

Kevin Hart himself went on a Dark Skinned Black Woman rant and that’s what he uses in his stand up material…even though he is dark, his kids are dark, and his ex wife is dark, his momma dark … like what …like …why ??? Your daughter will grow up hearing all that shit. 

but im sleep.

Actually Kevin when on a Dark skin and Light skinned black woman rant….at the same time! But people keep zeroing in on the dark skinned woman side. I’m not supporting either, but let’s not leave out any information that would suggest an agenda that isn’t there. Furthermore what happens to famous people is that your circle or your environment often changes when you become wealthy or famous. With that said you have a different demographic of woman who are in your sights or who are engaging you. Like most people, you choose from what you are surrounded by…much like high school. This is not to say that some brothers don’t deliberately go outside their race when they get the chance but that’s to say that, it isn’t always the case. I personally have ZERO interest in dating outside my race, however I do think our black women have a misguided complex about this subject in some instances. Again this is not to say that what Torrei talks about doesn’t happen, but to say there are always exceptions and a whole hell of a lot of them, so you can’t generalize it like that. Just my take. 

swag school…. #FlexZone 💪 #piccollage #GoodMorning #Me

swag school…. #FlexZone 💪 #piccollage #GoodMorning #Me




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please watch this before its taken down

let me explain
Now since people of color are genetically dominant
And Caucasoids are genetically recessive
And Whites expect to be predominant, meaning survive as a race then
They simply must, take precautions
That’s why they’re worried about their future now
Cause by 2050, almost all the Earth’s population
Will be brown, then black, so understandin’ that, whites counter-react
So they created a system
To force blacks into an unnatural position
That re-enforces the position of natural inferiority
In addition, created guns and developed the ethnocentric view
That God justifies every fuckin’ thing they do
Condition people to perceive whites’ culture as civilized
And every other culture considered primitive - not true
Racism is the system of racial subjugation against non-whites
In every areas of human relation
Entertainment, education, labor, politics
Law, religion, sex, war and economics
See blacks were 3/5ths of a man with tax purposes intended
You think you’re Afro-American you’re a 14th amendment and a good nigga
Jews don’t salute the fuckin’ swastika
But niggas pledge allegiance to the flag that accosted ya

—Ras kass - Nature of the threat (via knowledgereinsupreme)

People say I should smile more….well here #ShoveIt

People say I should smile more….well here #ShoveIt